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  • Agricultural Career Feature

How to Become an Arborist

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Becoming an arborist is a little bit more complicated than many people think as there is more to it than simply taking care of plants and trees. You must be able to help the ecosystem support these plants and trees if you wish to have a career in this field and, therefore, you must be able to identify what these various types of plants need for survival. An excellent working knowledge of these products is necessary to succeed in this career, so all prospective arborists must take the time to learn as much as possible about each plant that they will be responsible for, as well as the landscape.

The first thing that you must do to get involved with this career is take a university course or program on the subject. There are not many schools that have arboriculture or horticulture degrees, so it might be necessary to relocate to a location that does offer the correct degree. If you find a school, you will find that it is extremely competitive to get into the program since there are so few of them to be found. If you do manage to get either a two or four year degree in a related field, your chances of getting a job are very high since these programs are highly specialized.

The National Arborist Association has an official website where you can go and get all of the information that you will need. This website is in place to help prospective and former students by giving them the needed resources for this rewarding career. Remember that this career is about much more than planting, so you must be prepared to study hard if you want to graduate. This website also has a list of recognized schools which will help you make a decision on where you would like to attend school. The website also provides information on taking the program through correspondence, which is definitely a good idea for anyone who does not wish to relocate.

Once you receive your degree, there are many opportunities for advancement through this career. First of all, you can become a consulting arborist, which is a big money opportunity because you will be responsible for coordinating the landscape of city parks or other major projects. You will have to sign up for some additional training in order to get such a high paying job, but it will be well worth it in the end. These cities also tend to hire those with related work experience, so make sure that you take the time to completely learn your field before trying to move ahead too quickly. You can help your prospects out by joining one of the many groups around that are devoted to helping further this field. These national organizations can provide you with the resources that you need in order to get by in this challenging career choice.

You can receive a certificate from the International Society of Arboriculture as well, which will maximize your chances of getting a great job. This certificate definitely looks great on a resume and it recognized all over the world. You can visit the society's website for information on this certificate, but be aware that they do not just hand these over to everyone. You must be devoted to making trees and plants your entire life because it takes a great deal of devotion to succeed in this area. This is a quickly expanding career choice and is something that is definitely worth looking into if you are in search of a new and challenging career.

Becoming an arborist is much more than simply planting a few things around the city, as you must have enough knowledge about the landscape of the city in order to succeed. A good course or program from a reputable university will provide you with the knowledge that you need for success. By taking the first steps and getting your certification, you should be able to find a job in this field in the near future because that is exactly what prospective employers are looking for. If this is truly something that interests you, get started today by searching for a university that offers the courses that you need or sign up for an online program.

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